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WEFT .oet - Embedded OpenType samples

The fonts description I presented by small .gif images; in linked sample-files are real fonts and no images - text only. Not all of them are perfect but each is nice on some way. Working with MSIE only.

“The Web Embedding Fonts Tool ‘WEFT’, lets Web authors create ‘font objects’ that are linked to their Web pages so that when an Internet Explorer user views the pages they'll see them displayed in the font style contained within the font object. - by the © Microsoft Corp.-WEFT

  1. VictorianCyr
    VictorianCyr sample
  2. Stonehenge
    Stonehenge sample
  3. Margit
    Margit sample
  4. IzhitsaShadowCTT
    IzhitsaShadowCTT sample
  5. Calligrapher
    Calligrapher sample
  6. YU C Izhitsa
    YU C Izhitsa sample
  7. Palatino Linotype regular
    Palatino Linotype regular sample
  8. Palatino Linotype oblique
    Palatino Linotype oblique sample
  9. Palatino Linotype bold
    Palatino Linotype bold sample
  10. Palatino Linotype bold italic
    Palatino Linotype bold italic sample
  11. Glagoljica (obla)
    Glagoljica (obla) sample
  12. Glagoljica (uglata)
    Glagoljica (uglata) sample

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