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Dag's Orwell Photo Archive

Each photo in this gallery has been scanned from books, which are property of © The resolution of the original images is 600 dpi, and the size of each file is from 10 to 20 and more megabytes (depending on the size of the photo in the book). Photos were scanned by Chernyshev V. Mikhail (E-mail: [email protected]) for what to him many thanks! If you are interested in any of this photos for any reasons, please write to Mikhail or to me.

At the current moment, there are 148 (13th overjumped) photos in my archive with full photo-description and copyright issues. Each gallery-page contains of (app.) 12 images and is supplied with thumbnails preview-table. If you activate the linked thumbnail photo, small (and safe) javascript will open the new window and display that image with height of 400 px (the fixed height for each image in gallery). [Ctrl-W] will close that window on most computer platforms and in most browsers. Table of Contents page is also available - purified and without javascript at all. Today is Wednesday, January 07, 2004. My name is O. Dag and I am living in Moscow. Enjoy.

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