Orwell (and Milton) in Spain

[Eileen Blair visits Eric at the front near Huesca, March 1937]

Group photo of the P.O.U.M. militia, with George Orwell. Orwell's wife, on a visit to the front at the time, is in the picture. Harry David Milton is just behind the barrel of the machine gun, holding a rifle in his hands. March 1937, (Orwell Archive)

[Harry Milton's P.O.U.M. militia card]

Harry Milton's P.O.U.M. militia card, with the words "Antifascist Militias" appearing in Catalan. Catalonia was the stronghold of both the anarchists and the P.O.U.M.

[International volunteers in Barcelona, December 1936]

A photo showing international volunteers, probably taken at the P.O.U.M. barracks in Barcelona where Orwell trained in December 1936, before being sent to the front lines. (Stansky collection in the Hoover Archives)

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