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Page content and its presentation

Hereinafter is the list of the well known cascading style sheets created by Opera, W3C org and others. Enjoy.

Is Style really !important?

Choose any style from drop-down combo box bellow; enter any (correct) URL in the form-field (try for example) and submit. If URL is omitted, CSS will be attached to this page; the same with links in CSS creators section. Maybe you'll find this play useful, maybe not but [imho] it is in tough relation with document structure.


CSS Style Sheets and their creators

© BBC Education Betsie styles (
Betsie black-on-yellow layout
Betsie green-on-black layout
© 1998 W3C Core Styles (
CSS 2.1 specification style
© 2003 Opera Software ASA Styles (
Accessibility style sheet for adding readability
High contrast, white on black (W/B)
High contrast, black on white (B/W)
Debug with outline
Disable tables
Show images and links only
Show structural elements
Emulate text browser
© Shadows by Bert Bos (
Style for sections with drop shadows
© Mezzoblue by by Dave Shea (Zen Garden) (
Mezzoblue master control
© 2001, Rubato by Literary Moose (
Rubato moosified

This page URL:

Nice of course and it is perfectly clear that as document mark-up (structure) is better, page with ‘alien’ CSS looks more nice or acceptable but... also very important fact is that each single CSS is created for author's own purpose, for his own mark-up way and fables or myths about ‘universal style sheets’ are nothing else then tales for kids for ‘cold, blowy nights in early April’.:)

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