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'a href="mailto' hover in Opera

Each photo in this gallery has been scanned from books, which are property of (c) The resolution of the original images is 600 dpi, and the size of each file is from 10 to 20 and more megabytes (depending on the size of the photo in the book). Photos were scanned by Chernyshev V. Mikhail (E-mail: for what to him many thanks! If you are interested in any of this photos for any reasons, please write to Mikhail or to me.

The case

If your monitor, (effective) screen, Opera 7.51 (7.23 or 7.20) custom set-up etc. is equal to mine, then phrase '(E-mail:' will be wrapped after 'E-mail:'. Mouse over that link will give to you the next unexpected result. The same with a:active but a:focus wil work without that bug.

I can understand what is the reason but Win IE 6 and Mozilla displays everything well.

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