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Hor.-scroll bar in Windows IE 6

Eric Arthur Blair was born at Motihari in Bengal on 25 June 1903, five years after his sister Marjorie, who was born at Tehta in Bihar. His father, Richard Walmesley Blair, was in the Opium Department of the Government of India. The opium trade with China had been legalized as a government monopoly from 1860. Richard had joined it at the age of 18 and The History of Services of Gazetted and other Officers Serving under the Government of Bengal showed in the bare lists of its subservient second volume, ‘Medical, Police, Educational and Miscellaneous Departments’ ...

Why it appears?

If you have Windows Microsot™ Explorer 6, you will see the weird horizontal scroll bar at the bottom... the bar which probably all of us, web-developers or 'web-writers' are trying to avoid all the time. But why it is the case here? Document is very simple, correctly written and valid HTML. If you click on this link, bar will disappear but not because some of advanced CSS (styles) were switched off... much worse!.. Cursive and alignment combination only (check the embedded style sheet in this document head)!

Windows Microsot™ Explorer 6 will display the horizontal scroll bar if you have the long (wrapped) italic (or oblique) line {<i>long wrapped line</i>} in the block (box, paragraph) which is justified {<p align="justify">long (wrapped) italic line</p>}. The bar will appears in standard mode only. MSIE beauty continues...

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