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Test of the @import rule

This DIV is to be black
This DIV is to be blue
This DIV is to be green
This DIV is to be orange
This DIV is to be red
This DIV is to be yellow

This page CSS file: [meimport.css]

CSS file contents:
@import url("[path]blue.css"); /* all ok */
@import url('[path]red.css'); /* all ok */
@import url([path]default.css); /* all ok */
@import "[path]orange.css" alL; /* win ie 6 false */
@import "[path]green.css" all; /* win ie 6 false */
@import "[path]yellow.css" projection, screen; /* win ie 6 false */

In the CSS 'default.css' (black), class 'black' is written with '!important' rule and is repeated in the 'green.css' but without '!important' so can not be override. If you erase '!important' in 'default.css' or add it in 'green.css', the color of black DIV will become gray.

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